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You may have been putting off creating an estate plan for yourself or a loved one until now, or perhaps it is time to update your estate plan due to a change in circumstances. While yes, most of us would rather not think of the implications of an estate plan, it is important to come to the terms with the fact that an estate plan is an obligation you have to your family.

Estate Plans Are For Everyone

Crafting an estate plan is by no means just for the elderly, and with the help of an experienced Watertown estate planning attorney you will be able to achieve peace of mind in and secure the future of your family. This assurance will come from the fact that the legacy of you or your loved ones will be protected, fairly distributed and will be handled smoothly without any complications. Foley and Foley Law Office, P.C. is highly experienced in Watertown estate planning legislation and options available to you. By leveraging this knowledge, your Watertown estate planning attorney will diligently craft a custom estate plan for you.

The Estate Planning Process – Explained

Estate plans are by no means just for the wealthy, nor is it ever too early to start the estate planning process–there's no better time to start than today! The process begins by answering a few simple questions. First, you will need to take an inventory of all your real and financial assets–everything from real estate investments, to automobiles, to money you've stored under your bed for a rainy day. The next step is deciding who you may want to receive your assets in the event of your death.

Finally you will need to determine the manner in which the assets will be distributed, and take the proper measures to ensure that the assets are protected. While the first two questions are straightforward enough, hiring a Watertown estate planning attorney with specific expertise is extremely important to protect and distribute your assets. This can involve creating trusts, wills, preparing for probate, power of attorney, and a wide spectrum of legal devices to make the estate plan both as comprehensive and efficient as possible.

Keeping An Estate Plan Up-To-Date

Since your assets and relationships will certainly change over time, it is important to have your estate plan up-to-date to ensure it is still relevant. Failure to employ a well-crafted, current estate plan can result in:

  • Large estate taxes
  • Wills being contested
  • Assets not being distributed as intended.

The best way to guarantee the longevity of your assets and legacy is to have an airtight estate plan that can be created by a Watertown estate planning attorney.

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